StudioCloud Review

StudioCloud Reviews Summary

StudioCloud is a web-based business management software suite that helps with productivity and efficiency for service-oriented businesses. The platform features client management, scheduling, invoicing, project management, marketing automation, and an easy, online booking system.

One of the best features is that StudioCloud has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for all its functions. With minimal training, the user can get up and running with the system in no time. You won’t need to invest both money and time into learning an arcane, new platform just to keep your business going.

The sleek dashboard makes it easy to collaborate on projects, schedule meetings, and automate tasks so you can focus on other things in your business. With StudioCloud, the user can work on the go, from the desktop, iPhone, or Android devices.

Additionally, StudioCloud provides bookkeeping and marketing automation so that you can focus on other important things in your company. 

StudioCloud Pros

  • Organizes and manages clients, leads, organizations, vendors, and partners
  • Schedules appointments, clients, events, and employees
  • Generates and sends professional quotes and invoices based on customized price lists
  • Easy-to-understand accounting reports help the user keep track of company financial health
  • Facilitates project management and orders by creating pipelines, deadlines, and tasks
  • Develops and automates targeted marketing campaigns for specific segments of the client base
  • StudioCloud provides clients with an easy and convenient way to book online
  • Automates reminders, payment requests, etc. in text and email format
  • Gathers information for events and other purposes using questionnaires and forms
  • Contracts can be reviewed by clients online, signed, and stored automatically
  • It integrates credit card processing and offers the most competitive rates
  • Integrates VAT, GST, and other taxes for unlimited currencies and date formats
  • StudioCloud provides the user with the ability to customize the software, invoices, contracts, and more
  • Organizes and tracks security roles, commission logs, schedules, and other information for each employee
  • The clock in/out feature is available online for hourly employees anywhere and anytime
  • Automates the process of capturing and converting leads on your website
  • Connects your computer, iPhone, Android, or tablet to the web so you can access your data from anywhere
  • Integrates seamlessly into Google Calendar, ProSelect, QuickBooks, RetouchUp, and many others
  • You can import data from existing products and export it at any time
  • Allows the user to get up and running quickly with cloud-based intuitive software that’s easy to use
  • It has both a limited free version and a 15-day free trial with all functions enabled.

StudioCloud Cons

  • Developed originally for small, service-oriented companies, it does not have robust tools to manage goods or inventories.

Who Is StudioCloud For?

If you are a business owner trying to get your company off the ground or you just find it difficult to manage everything, StudioCloud offers cloud-based business management software that helps you take control of all aspects of running your company—from bookkeeping and invoicing to scheduling clients and sending emails.

StudioCloud helps you stay organized by offering features like client management, scheduling, project management, and marketing automation. You can collaborate with team members on projects for increased efficiency, track and analyze important metrics, manage customer relationships more efficiently through automated tasks like meeting scheduling and emailing, get instant notifications, and more.

Any small to medium-sized service company looking for management software to help it with day-to-day operations is exactly what StudioCloud was designed for. It will help a business keep track of what needs to be done and when it should be completed, especially when juggling multiple projects at one time. 

This juggling becomes even more challenging as your customer base grows and you hire team members to help. With StudioCloud, you can stay in touch with your customers and your employees, and easily track the progress of what needs to be done.

StudioCloud may have been designed with small and freelance businesses in mind, but it can also be useful for larger organizations that need assistance with client management. 

StudioCloud’s client management feature allows you to keep track of all your customers and their project management details. This includes customer information like contact info, invoices paid or unpaid, recurring payments, contract renewal status, and the like.

And with its Free Plan, there is no reason not to give this software a try.

Who Is StudioCloud NOT For?

There are a few businesses where StudioCloud may not be the ideal choice. For example, it is primarily directed toward service industries. With no inventory management functionality, you may want to look elsewhere if you primarily work with physical goods.

Also, StudioCloud doesn’t offer payroll services, so if your company is looking for in-depth accounting features, this may not be the right program either. That being said, it integrates with Quickbooks and so may meet your needs via that connection. 

Instead, StudioCloud is an all-in-one cloud platform for a freelancing or service company. Whether you’re a solopreneur or have a team, StudioCloud has tools to keep everything organized and productive. 

You can spend less time chasing payments from customers, communicate freely without fear of missing critical information, save time and money with automated tasks like scheduling meetings and sending emails, and much more with this business management software. 

All Things Considered . . .

StudioCloud is a comprehensive business management software for business owners to maintain a healthy and profitable company. This powerful, cloud-based program ensures that you’re always aware of what’s going on with client management, scheduling, invoicing, and project management.

With features like real-time collaboration, programmed tasks, and instant notifications you can be in charge of all your operations from anywhere at any time. StudioCloud offers features like auto-scheduling, instant notifications, one-click meetings with clients, and more to keep everything running smoothly so that you can focus on making your company grow.

You’ll be able to manage your customers in one streamlined platform along with invoicing—making billing that much easier on you. There’s no need to schedule customer meetings or email correspondence because StudioCloud does it all automatically. The best part? StudioCloud will keep you organized so you can find everything at a moment’s notice, from clientele interactions to deadlines that need to be met.

StudioCloud Basics

Here is all the most important information about StudioCloud.

What Is StudioCloud?

StudioCloud is a cloud-based business management software for creative entrepreneurs and companies who want to grow their companies. With a sleek dashboard that’s easy to use no matter your level of familiarity with technology, StudioCloud will help your company run more smoothly.

What Does StudioCloud Do?

StudioCloud boasts the following 19 features to help you manage your business:

1. Client Management

StudioCloud is a tool that lets you create, track and maintain a relationship with your clients. It offers an organized and all-inclusive system to manage important information such as sessions, balances due, invoices, payments, events, and notes. With StudioCloud, you have instant access to your clients’ information, including phone numbers and email addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, and the like. You can add images and tags to help you better market to your customers.

2. Scheduling

Capture all the valuable information from your appointments with StudioCloud’s powerful calendar system. Run reports and track what types of events make you the most money so that every minute counts! You can schedule events and sessions in advance to ensure maximum profitability with data-driven insights on what type of work makes you the most money.

StudioCloud’s calendar system never forgets a meeting. You stay on track so that no matter how busy things get, you are still able to keep your appointments straight. With the ability to schedule multiple clients, employees, and locations all at once in the cloud, you can always see who needs to be where and at what time and date.

StudioCloud has developed an innovative, highly customizable scheduling software with state-of-the-art capabilities in order to help create maximum efficiency within any organization, allowing you to manage everything remotely through its cloud-based system.

3. Invoicing

With StudioCloud, you can send invoices on the fly, in any way you want. You can collect a deposit when they schedule their appointment and send them an invoice via email so that it arrives right at their inbox or set up automatic payments with emails containing payment plans to help take care of those bills quickly and efficiently.

You have the power to choose how your clients pay for services rendered—send an invoice before service is delivered, wait until after delivery to deliver one electronically, prepare a plan ahead of time whereby they are automatically charged monthly . . . the list goes on.

Your point of sale can be customized to satisfy your business needs. For example, you can create unlimited price lists along with quotes, packages, and product tags. The point-of-sale system allows users to run multiple tax reports, make deposit calculations, and do daily inventory level updates. You can also get product sales filtered by calendar type or tag so you know exactly when it’s time to restock.

4. Bookkeeping

Finally, you can have cloud-based, easy-to-use bookkeeping software. Easily understand your financial health with StudioCloud’s user-friendly charts. View a detailed breakdown of your income, expenses, and profit. Run a report to see your trial balance, category details, balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement, category of accounts, profit/loss, and more.

StudioCloud’s accounting software is a great way to get a true picture of your company’s financial health. With StudioCloud, you can understand income and expenses with ease thanks to its user-friendly graphs. Get detailed information on categories of accounts, trial balance, income statement, account details, profit/losses for the company as well as individual transactions.

Easily understand what’s going on in each category and see detailed reports of trial balance, income statement, cash flow report, and more. Their reports break down every detail of your finances in an understandable manner.

5. Project and Task Management

Never miss another deadline with this innovative to-do list software. In StudioCloud you can create pipelines for events, orders, leads, clients, projects, and products. With these tools, each person in your company knows what is going on at any given time with the tasks they should be working on. When one stage of the process is complete, it will automatically notify whoever needs to take action next. Enjoy the orderly workflow.

6. Marketing Campaigns and Tags

StudioCloud allows you to tag specific clients, organizations, events, or interests. The software provides an easy way for you to track the revenue that comes from each marketing campaign. You can also set up automatic reminders for follow-ups so that you don’t miss any opportunities.

StudioCloud helps you reach out to your target market with personalized marketing campaigns. It’s easy to create unlimited tags and filter them by a specific audience so you can send targeted marketing emails or postcards.

7. Online Booking

At StudioCloud, they have reimagined scheduling. Your customers can search for your availability from anywhere via the online scheduler and then make an appointment directly in your cloud-based calendar. Meet with clients when it is convenient for you—while letting them book when it is convenient for them.

The software connects the user to your website seamlessly, giving you more control of your business hours, better pricing visibility, and decreased double booking without cutting off communication or losing control of individual days. You save valuable time by having the client manage their own appointments with ease via the cloud.

8. Automation

StudioCloud is an excellent solution for those who are looking to automate their busy work. It can take care of those little tasks that just take so much time out of your day.

StudioCloud automates all types of appointments and events for you. You can create unlimited custom templates for different events such as client meetings or employee training sessions. Whether they are booking an event over the internet with a form, opening up a Skype session via appointment links, or sending reminders about an upcoming meeting or event—that can all be confirmed with just the click of a button.

It also helps create a personalized experience with your clients or employees by sending out automatic reminders of promotions, birthdays, and other events via text and email.

9. Create Forms

StudioCloud is great at collecting information from both new leads and existing clients. With unlimited templates, you can create a form to collect data that your client will fill out in seconds online or on their mobile device. Once they are done filling it out, all the collected data automatically gets added to your StudioCloud account where you have access anytime. There’s no need to worry about forgetting anything important when collecting leads or updating data.

10. Electronic Signatures

The StudioCloud system is a convenient, hassle-free way to reduce the number of contracts you have signed in your office. Instead, you have unlimited, customizable contracts that can be emailed at any time during the online booking process, syncing to your computer, iPhone, or Android devices.

Once your clients are satisfied with their changes, have them sign electronically right from within the program. Not only does this eliminate paperwork, our no-fuss electronic signatures guarantee that your client agrees to all of the terms in a legally-binding manner.

When the contract is completed, StudioCloud notifies the user automatically and stores it for reference—making future client communication fast and efficient.

11. Client

StudioCloud software makes it super easy to get paid. With their integrated merchant account, you’ll be able to process all credit cards through StudioCloud with the best rates in the industry. You can also set up automated payment plans that will email clients when these are due so there’s less paperwork hassle on your end. All information is automatically updated in the client’s profile within StudioCloud as well—everything becomes more streamlined than ever before.

12. Worldwide Availability

Not in the U.S.? Not a problem! StudioCloud caters to the needs of companies worldwide. Use any currency symbol, date formats, tax formats like VAT and GST, and any language for customer-facing invoices, contracts, forms, etc.

StudioCloud has the solution for your global company needs. With StudioCloud, there is no need to worry about changing currency symbols or date formats when entering new markets. Use any language or tax format (like VAT and GST) to cater to customers worldwide.

13. Customizable Branding

StudioCloud software is a tool for businesses of all types. It can be adapted to fit your needs and your branding can be added as well. They created the program initially for photography but it has since been used by hundreds of different service industries.

You can tailor every detail about your software, including the logo and font. You’ll also have access to multiple email templates with tags that are specific to you. The software is customizable to your specifications with multiple logos and templates for invoices, contracts, forms, etc.

14. Manage Employees

StudioCloud’s EmployeeBoost ensures that your employees are on the same page. It gives you the ability to manage your business and schedule multiple people, locations, and equipment. You can use security roles to determine which employees can access which features, ensuring everyone is doing what they’re supposed to. With the logbook automatically tracking the changes made by each employee, you’ll know exactly who has done what in StudioCloud—you’ll always stay updated.

These features can help you track your employees’ various payroll hours, commissions, and sales from events or invoices. You’ll be able to assign orders, projects, and tasks and provide deadlines and reminders specific to each employee. 

With this information on hand, it’s easy for managers in charge of multiple departments to know exactly who is doing what at any given time, so they can make sure projects stay on point.

15. Time Card Tracking

StudioCloud’s desktop time card and iPhone/Android apps give you the ability to clock in and out on the go. This is great for companies that have employees who work all over town, giving them an accurate way of tracking their hours, no matter where they are.

16. Lead Generation

StudioCloud notifies your marketing team about updates on inquiries so you can be sure that a customer never slips through the cracks. Its unlimited contact forms are customizable and easy to embed for maximum exposure, ensuring any inquiry is automatically added as a new lead in your company’s database.

You can also have those inquiries tagged automatically, which will help you follow up with appropriate, targeted campaigns to convert them into customers.

17. Cloud Services

StudioCloud gives you the best of both worlds—you can manage your business with or without an internet connection. It performs seamlessly offline, automatically syncing to the web as soon as it is online again.

StudioCloud syncs your project management files automatically as soon as it is connected to the cloud, so the user will never have any worries about data loss while managing your business. It has both stability and portability which allows users to work in their own style, whether they are at home, the office, or outside.

Since the program has no license requirements, you can put it on as many computers or devices as you need.

18. Integration

StudioCloud is a versatile solution that seamlessly integrates with third-party products to make your life easier. ProSelect, for example, can be used in conjunction with StudioCloud to provide efficient and streamlined workflows. Integrations also include MailChimp, with its intuitive email templates and Google Calendars, which provides an easy way of organizing appointments.

19. Import/Export

StudioCloud is a software company that provides a way to manage your sales and business anytime, anywhere. StudioCloud offers tutorials on importing existing data into their software platform so users can quickly begin using it without worrying about tedious, setup details. Alternatively, if you’re pressed for time or need personalized assistance setting up your account, the company will import the data for you as a premium option.

How Much Is StudioCloud?

StudioCloud’s pricing is relatively straightforward. The software comes in four general pricing schemes: Free, Add-ons, PartnerBoost, and EmployeeBoost.

Free Plan

It’s hard to complain about any company that provides a free level of service. It gives you the opportunity to try out the product in a risk-free manner. That being said, the free starter version only does that—it gets you started, but with some significant limitations.

The Free plan provides you with:

  • One user
  • Desktop only (Mac or Windows)
  • Limit of 300 clients
  • Limit of 300 sessions
  • Limit of 300 invoices
  • Unlimited bookkeeping

This free version is better than a free trial because you can stay on the plan for as long as it suits your business needs, whereas the free trial lasts only 15 days.

Add-ons Plan

The next tier of StudioCloud is one where you can upgrade with a la carte add-ons. This provides the same level of service as the Free plan, but with some significant advantages:

  • Cloud and desktop platforms
  • iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and tablet apps
  • Unlimited devices and computers
  • Included upgrades
  • Customizable solutions
  • Technical support
  • Unlimited invoices, clients, brands, and sessions

It also gives you access to one or more of the following add-ons:

  • CloudAlerts—provides automatic email and text message reminders to customers or employees
  • CloudForms—provides online forms, personalized and generated contracts, and questionnaires, as well as electronic signature capabilities
  • CloudBooking—provides a fully customizable and integrated online booking capability

The pricing for each add-on is $10 per month and you can choose as many or as few as you want.

PartnerBoost Plan

The PartnerBoost plan pricing is $30 per month, if paid annually, and it provides everything in the Add-on plan plus the following:

  • Two or more users (additional seat pricing is $3 per user per month)
  • All add-ons are included
  • Free, one-hour one-on-one onboarding with an annual subscription
  • Unlimited automated email reminders
  • Unlimited online booking
  • Unlimited appointment confirmations
  • Unlimited contracts and eSignatures
  • Unlimited automated payment plans
  • Unlimited questionnaires
  • Unlimited lead generation
  • Unlimited templates/forms
  • Automated text reminders

EmployeeBoost Plan

The top tier is the EmployeeBoost plan. Intended for companies that manage employees, its base pricing is $60 per month. This plan includes everything that is in the PartnerBoost plan plus:

  • Three or more users (additional seat pricing is are $3 per user per month)
  • Free, two-hour one-on-one user onboarding with an annual subscription
  • Unlimited virtual employees
  • Unlimited scheduling roles
  • Unlimited security roles
  • Unlimited time card tracking
  • Unlimited commissions and sales reports

In addition to the paid plans, StudioCloud offers some supplemental services. For $99 per hour, you can have your data imported from another program or receive one-on-one training on the StudioCloud software.

Some other costs to consider include text and storage fees. The text message program pricing is $0.04 per text. The CloudStorage solution gives you up to a GB of data for free. After that the price is between $0.10 and $0.25 per GB per month for storage.

StudioCloud Project Management Software Ratings

Functionality Ratings—4.5/5

StudioCloud is the perfect choice for individuals and teams who want an affordable, easy-to-use business management tool. The software can be used in a variety of ways that make it compatible with many different business types. Thus, it has high ratings in this category.

The tool provides organization features such as time tracking, document storage, invoicing, task boards, and more. The user interface is attractive and easy-to-use on desktop, iPhone, or Android devices.

StudioCloud stands out as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, meaning you don’t need to install anything on your desktop computer or update the project management software in any way. Your data is stored securely and backed up regularly—leaving you free from worrying about the security of your information.

Customer Support Ratings—4.5/5

StudioCloud offers excellent customer support services, so I give it a high rating.

The company provides a comprehensive knowledge base which they regularly update to include new information regarding the software and services. There are more than 1,000 articles available to solve almost any sort of question that may arise.

There is an online chat option available on the site that is very responsive. Additionally, users can use the email system that will usually respond within 24 hours. Finally, you can gain access to premium support which will allow you to chat with someone immediately if you need help with or advice about an urgent problem.

Overall, StudioCloud provides a variety of ways to connect which results in very effective customer support with great options for communication.

Ease of Use Ratings—4.5/5

It’s possible to get to the program from any device—laptop, tablet, iPhone, or Android. Plus, it also features a clean design which makes it a joy to use. It is very easy and straightforward to navigate through the program.

The user interface of the program is simple and very intuitive. They have managed to integrate all of the main business management features in a way that provides quick access to most features without overwhelming new users.

This makes the user experience much better and more enjoyable for yourself and your employees. No matter what the task is—invoicing, timekeeping, task management, etc.—the simplicity of the software makes it easy for everyone to quickly learn what they need to know to get up and running. This is why it gets good ease of use ratings.

Value for Money Ratings—4.5/5

My rating shows that StudioCloud is a business management software for small companies that provides high value at affordable pricing. The design and functionality are outstanding, as is the customer support.

You will pay a reasonable price for what can be quite an overwhelming amount of features and options. First-time users may want to give it some time before committing fully to this solution and the free version of the software platform allows you to do that.

However, even the pricing for the paid tiers is reasonable for the value that they provide. StudioCloud is a solid business management tool with excellent value for the price. It provides you with all the tools you need to manage your team and run your business more efficiently.

Whether you have employees or are a one-person shop, you will find a lot you like about StudioCloud and can be assured that you are not spending more than you should for the functionality provided for the price.

Public StudioCloud Reviews

StudioCloud features client management, scheduling, invoicing, and easy project management tools to help you stay on top of your business.

Despite having been around for more than a decade, there are remarkably few public StudioCloud user reviews on the internet. After scouring the web, this is a wrap-up of what I found: StudioCloud Reviews

On, StudioCloud received average ratings of 4.3/5 from its reviewers. The lowest rating was a 4-star review, but there were only three reviews in total.

The reviewers were extremely positive about the project management software. They appreciated its robustness, ease of use, and available free version. They also liked the client management portal, web-based document signature, automated marketing, and online booking facility.

The few negative comments stated that the reviewer found the user interface to be almost too simple and that it appeared somewhat dated.

Although there were not too many reviewers, they all agreed that the mobile app and integration with Quickbooks and Google Calendar were great pros for the software. Mostly, they felt that StudioCloud put a lot of powerful tools in a single package and that even the free version was fully capable of managing their businesses.

Capterra StudioCloud Reviews

The Capterra reviewers gave StudioCloud overall ratings of 4.8/5: 4.0/5 for ease of use and 4.3/5 for customer support. These ratings were based on the strength of eight individual reviewers on their website.

Nevertheless, the reviewers were very positive about the value and design of this business software. They raved about syncing with their calendars and how they could access it on any device. The reviewers also were thrilled with the invoicing, scheduling, and management functions.

One of the reviewers was a strong proponent of the electronic document signing feature. As someone who relied on contracts in their business, that reviewer found that eSignature significantly reduced the time and hassle of executing contracts.

The few negative comments were about StudioCloud’s limited options for customization and that the project management software can be a little cumbersome to set up. Reviewers recommended planning for some time to get the software up and running.

Overall, it seems that StudioCloud has a following of satisfied customers. Capterra reviewers found that the software was easy to use with a sleek design and powerful features across all relevant areas of business management, client management, scheduling, invoicing, and lead generation. StudioCloud Reviews reviewers gave StudioCloud 4.5/5 ratings based on a total of three reviews on its website.

Reviewers found that StudioCloud was good for small businesses in the fields of scheduling, billing, and accounting. They liked the all-inclusive nature of the business management software as well as the ability to message clients. All the reviewers were very positive about the free version of the software and the pricing of the paid plans.

The negatives were very few. The most common thread was that the program could use improvement in the setup phase. That being said, the reviewers commented that the tutorials made the software platform much more user-friendly.

Again, most reviewers were very pro StudioCloud. One even did a video review to extol its virtues.

Overall StudioCloud Reviews

Based on the StudioCloud reviews collected from various sites around the web, I found that most people were quite satisfied with StudioCloud. They note that the company’s cloud business software is designed specifically for the needs of the service-oriented user, with features that are tailored to be easy-to-use and intuitive. They also say that the free version is powerful enough to handle the needs of most small business owners with its client management, scheduling, invoicing, and project management tools.

They like that the software can be accessed from any internet-capable device, at any time and that it includes a suite of features for scheduling, invoicing, lead generation, client management—all in one place. Reviews also noted that StudioCloud has a clean user interface with an easy-to-navigate design.

Lastly, it seems that StudioCloud has a high level of customer support with their friendly and knowledgeable service team always ready to help out—even if you’re just getting started or are an experienced user.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is StudioCloud business management software?

StudioCloud is a business management and team collaboration software that unites your global teams in one place. It enables you to easily collaborate, visualize tasks, create content, and share information with anyone inside the company—regardless of where they are located.

With StudioCloud, you have a central place to organize and share business processes and files. Get things done with the help of your colleagues, in real time or at a later date. Update documents on the fly and keep all information together from planning to final delivery. With StudioCloud, you can organize work in one place, get more done, and save time.

Do I need to be technical to use StudioCloud?

StudioCloud has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. It is very intuitive once you start using it and there are also a large number of short video tutorials that will give you helpful tips on how to use the program best.

It has a user-friendly web interface that can be easily navigated by both experts and novices alike. It also allows users to manage their projects seamlessly regardless of their technical prowess.

It is easy to create tasks, add team members and manage deadlines, whether you’re an expert or just getting started.

Which is the best StudioCloud package?

There are four StudioCloud plans. They are designed for businesses of all sizes, with a subscription that fits your company’s needs:

The free version provides a basic level of functionality at a perfect price. If you need more than the free version provides, the user can order the Add-on Plan a la carte or move to a higher tier. The PartnerBoost and EmployeeBoost tiers come with all available add-ons plus additional seats and services.

Picking the best tier for your company depends on its needs. For the best option for small companies, choose between the free version or the Add-on Plan. If you eventually outgrow those tiers, the user can always upgrade them when the need arises.

Is StudioCloud legit?

StudioCloud has been in business since 2007, starting as a business management suite for freelancers and individual service providers such as photographers, massage therapists, designers, and tattoo artists.

Since their inception, they’ve expanded their capabilities to include bookkeeping and other tools. Moreover, they have a proven history of growth and expansion which gives the company legitimacy in my eyes.

That being said, their presence on social media is less than most companies, with no significant activity on Facebook or Twitter since 2018. Of course, you should not read too much into social media engagement and the company has certainly continued to develop and support its software over the last three years.

Is there an app for StudioCloud?

The software has a mobile app that allows syncing to your desktop project so the user can administer projects on the go from any smartphone or tablet.

The mobile app gives users access to the features of StudioCloud including creating a new record and modifying existing records to update their details. They can make changes directly on their mobile devices, adding images, and attaching additional documents. Client management, scheduling, invoicing, and task description data can be uploaded to the project from your mobile device.

The app also allows syncing your existing projects to your device so you can view them offline. Furthermore, they have a wide array of forms that seamlessly integrate into the app.

The mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices. The application helps you easily stay on top of your tasks, projects, and communication with clients while you’re away from your desktop computer.

Does StudioCloud have a refund policy?

Studiocloud software does not come with a specific refund policy, but they protect you from wasting your money in two ways. First, the base tier of the payment plan is for the free version. Note that this is not a free trial where you are on a time clock to decide on whether or not to move to a paid tier. This is a fully-functional, free version that lasts for as long as you are in business.

They do have a 15-day free trial on sign-up that opens up all the program’s features and benefits. No credit cards are required. Just sign up and start using the program.

StudioCloud also has a month-to-month payment option, which means you can cancel at any time and the user will not have spent a significant amount of money. Once you decide you want to use this business software platform, you can shift to the less expensive, annual billing plan.

Can I try StudioCloud before signing up to see if I like it better than our current system?

Since StudioCloud project management software has a free tier, you will want to take advantage of both the free plan and their 15-day, fully functional free trial before deciding whether or not to buy. With these options, you can test out the software to determine if it is something that will work to manage your business.

Does StudioCloud work with other software programs?

StudioCloud is a cloud-based project management software platform that integrates with other business applications. These integrations allow the users to manage data in more ways and streamline workflows to run more smoothly.

Currently, StudioCloud integrates with ProSelect, Quickbooks,, MailChimp, and Google Calendars. This enables each project management user to coordinate their efforts efficiently.

What is StudioCloud customer support like?

StudioCloud has an amazing knowledge base of more than 1,000 articles on its website that cover the majority of user questions. This is in addition to 40+ video walkthroughs of selected client management tools, scheduling, invoicing, and accounting topics.

They are also quite responsive to email messages and have a live-chat function for their customer support. All support functions are available to the user with the free trial version, free plan, or any paid plan.

Do I need StudioCloud?

If you want to streamline your projects and gain efficiencies as you supervise your business, StudioCloud software is a great option.

Employees at all levels can work with clients in a more streamlined and connected way. All portions of the workflow, client management, scheduling, invoicing, and project management are handled with ease.

The ability to see your data no matter your location, whether at home or on the go, provides you with a simple and efficient way to handle any project. This business software is easy for the entire team to use, meaning anyone can contribute information and insight to project management workflows from anywhere in the world where they can find an internet connection.

With thousands of companies already using the software, StudioCloud is worth a look, particularly with the free trial or plan.