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Sage Reviews Summary

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a cloud-based accounting software platform that is powerful and yet easy to use. Sage has been around for over 30 years and it has grown to be one of the most popular accounting packages on the market.

They are constantly innovating with new features in order to remain competitive in today’s increasingly digital workplace.

The Sage Business Cloud Accounting platform is designed to be used by people with a wide range of professional experience levels. There are features for those who know the ins and outs of accounting and those who are more operationally focused.

This platform handles everything from invoicing and accounts payable to expense tracking and stock management. If you are looking for user-friendly accounting software with extensive features and robust, yet simple reporting capabilities, Sage Business Cloud Accounting may be right for you.

Sage Pros

  • Native to the cloud, Sage Business Cloud Accounting allows you to set up and get started quickly on any device anytime
  • It makes your work faster and more accurate 
  • Automation of administrative tasks and invoicing is easy 
  • Stay up-to-date in real time with the direct posting of expenses and payments from any connected account 
  • Easy collaboration with your team or accountant is possible with shared access
  • You can automate the process of creating and sending invoices so you can keep track of them and get paid on time 
  • You can create custom estimates and quotes based on your clients’ requirements
  • As part of its seamless integration with Stripe, the software offers customers the option to pay directly through the invoice. Thus, your clients can settle with you quickly and easily
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting automatically tracks your expenses when you connect your bank account 
  • Take shots of receipts and invoices and auto-enter them into your accounting software 
  • Real-time account updates
  • The service provides solid value for the feature set
  • The dashboard offers the user insight into how much money your small business makes every month
  • Excellent customer support through a variety of mechanisms—chat, articles, and live Q&A support

Sage Cons

  • Originally developed for a small business with 10 employees or less, the software does not have all the features needed to manage the accounting department of an organization with hundreds or thousands of employees
  • Some people find it difficult to import data from other accounting software into Sage Business Cloud Accounting without significant manual setup time

Who Is Sage For?

Sage is an excellent software solution for a small business looking for cloud-based accounting software that is easy to use. The platform is designed to meet all of your business’s financial needs by providing automation, insights into how much money you make every month, and easy collaboration options.

This platform offers a great balance of ease of use and extensive features for those who need something more than basic bookkeeping but without the hassle or cost of a full-time accountant. In this way, you have more time to focus on the important aspects of your business, while leaving the day-to-day accounting to Sage.

Sage is also great for those in real estate, financial services, freelancers, and consultants who work with multiple clients because it allows you to invoice them quickly and easily and track all of their expenses in a single place.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is simple and yet offers a wide range of features, including real-time account updates so that you always know where your company stands financially. This is an outstanding platform for those looking for a user-friendly cloud-based accounting software ideal for a small business..

Who Is Sage NOT For?

Of course, not every business will be an ideal fit for Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Sage is not an ideal solution for those looking for sophisticated budgeting tools or extensive financial reporting capabilities. The program does great for the basics, but those who have a team of managerial accountants or need industry accounting may find it does not provide the level of reporting that they need.

Also, if you have a large business, Sage Business Cloud Accounting may not be able to handle the reporting needs of your company or nonprofit organization. But for small organizations Sage Accounting has all the capabilities needed to meet your accounting needs.

All Things Considered . . .

Sage is an excellent program for a small business looking at making accounting more efficient. The program is easy to set up and use so that you can spend less time on bookkeeping and more time growing your business.

With expense tracking, invoicing, accounts receivable/payable, stock management, and much more, Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a comprehensive accounting program that is perfect for many businesses.

There are so many ways that Sage makes accounting simple for the nonaccountant—integrated banking, report generation, and a mobile app that works as well in the field as it does in the office.

This is truly a great accounting software option for freelancers and consultants. They will appreciate being able to invoice their clients quickly, track expenses in a single place, and make payments with the Stripe integration.

Sage Accounting comes with a 30-day free trial, so it is well worth taking it for a risk-free test drive to see if it is right for your company.

Sage Basics

The following is an overview of Sage Business Cloud Accounting software.

What Is Sage?

Sage is a company that provides cloud-based software for small businesses. It offers a full suite of tools for managing your finances—from invoicing, accounting, payroll, all the way through to financial statements with reporting on performance metrics like cash flow or profitability. Sage Business Cloud Accounting software enables business owners and accountants to record and report financial transactions.

What Does Sage Do?

Sage focuses on 12 main areas to help you manage the accounting needs of your business:

1. Invoicing

The Sage invoicing feature in the software allows businesses to create an itemized receipt for their clients and determine the payment due for products or services furnished. With it you can print, mail, or email professional invoices to your clients.

Online invoicing from Sage helps increase cash flow by facilitating that your business gets paid more quickly. You get instant insight into which bills have been sent, which are unpaid, and which are overdue, so you can spend less time managing invoices and payments and more time growing your business.

With their mobile solution, you can run your business anywhere while creating, editing, and sending invoices. With customizable invoice templates, business logos, and color and font options, you can present an impressive, professional image.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting provides nine different invoicing templates that can be tailored to your business needs, with support for products and services. Additional information can be added or customized to each invoice. 

2. Integrated Accounting

In the Sage integrated accounting system, financial and cost information are contained in the same book through a single ledger, in contrast with the usual double-entry accounting.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Stripe Payments are integrated seamlessly, enabling businesses to keep cost information and finance information in one place. Thus, you can accept credit cards, speed up the payment process, and add credibility to your company. Payments can be made online and over the phone with their integrated solution, Pay Now.

This feature automatically matches invoices and accounts in Sage Business Cloud Accounting after Stripe payments are made without you having to do anything. This way your finances are always current and you know how much profit margin you have.

By reducing friction and removing manual steps, the accounting processes are simplified and easier to automate. 

A user can see whether an invoice has been viewed, paid, or is outstanding. They can also know when the money will be available in their account. They automatically match your card payments to your invoices so that you can manage your card payments.

3. Tracking Expenses

The purpose of the expense management software feature is to create a simpler and more automatic system for entering expenses. With Sage, your receipts are digitized, expense categorizations are automated, and administration is streamlined to save time. Sage Business Cloud Accounting provides expense tracking functions as part of its accounting package.

After connecting your bank feeds to Sage Business Cloud Accounting, you can sync and monitor your expenses. You can then set up notifications and alerts for bill due dates.

With Sage Business Cloud Accounting, you can automatically import expense data from receipts and bills captured by taking a photo from your mobile device. You will save time and improve the accuracy of your data entry.

You can manage inventory and expenses in one place. You can set up custom alerts to provide real-time stock level information which allows you to plan ahead for supply expenditures and keep the most valuable products in stock.

4. Financial Reporting

Sage’s easy-to-read report online dashboard allows you to view all your financial reports from one site, including your cash flow and balance sheet numbers. Your real-time reports show you what you owe your suppliers as well as what your customers owe you.

In addition to providing insight into a business’s performance, operations, and cash flow, financial reporting gives a snapshot of the organization’s financial health. These reports provide valuable information about revenues, expenses, profitability, debt, and profitability for businesses.

Sage facilitates seeing your financial trends so you can make better business decisions and meet your goals. Using past and current business performance, you can track current trends. You can organize your profit-and-loss data, sales, and account balances so you can view everything easily.

This feature makes it easy for your team or accountant to share reports, such as a summary of your business performance.

5. Bank Connections

The online bank reconciliation function in this software saves time and increases accuracy. Sage Business Cloud Accounting automatically captures, categorizes, and reconciles your bank transactions when your bank account is synchronized to it.

The tools built into Sage Business Cloud Accounting software offer effortless bank reconciliation capabilities. This means you can spend less time on administration and focus on your company’s goals.

As you categorize your transactions, Sage Business Cloud Accounting intelligently populates and routes transactions accordingly. Furthermore, you can create your own bank rules and set them up to apply automatically.

The online bank reconciliation software feature eliminates the need to manually enter bank transactions and reconcile accounts, saving you time that can be better spent elsewhere. This lets you focus on business growth.

6. Receipts

By automating receipt entry, you can work more accurately and efficiently, giving yourself more time to focus on your clients and grow your company. You’ll no longer need to type, fix manual errors, or store receipts in shoeboxes. You can accomplish more, faster, with Sage Business Cloud Accounting and AutoEntry.

You can upload digital files or take a quick picture with your phone to upload and analyze online. You can add various documents such as purchases, sales, credit cards, bank statements, and employee expenses.

Using AutoEntry, you can extract and verify transaction data. This feature can specify a category for suppliers and accounts, or AutoEntry can do it for you. Following that, AutoEntry recognizes recurring transactions and recommends how to categorize them according to previous uploads. Also, you can set up rules so that certain uploads are automatically assigned to one or more accounts.

7. Billing

You can easily build your brand and optimize sales by generating personalized sales invoices for clients in seconds. Automated payment tracking keeps you on top of what’s due.

Using the online billing feature in this software, you can handle recurring payments, refunds, and billing. You can adapt billing services to immediately address the changing needs of several customers.

You can automate invoicing, income tracking, and other routine tasks to save you hours each month.

The software simplifies bookkeeping and expense management whether you are working with employees or a professional accountant.

Your sales invoices can include Stripe Pay Now buttons. These enable customers to pay instantly by clicking on them. Your company can also accept payments from your customers by phone or by taking their credit card details.

The application allows you to add delivery notes to invoices, indicating what you purchased, from whom, and where it is located. 

8. Accounts Receivable

You can create and send invoices automatically, track payments, and record payments online and automatically, as well as adjust your bank account to save time and money. Then you can keep track of your progress with the automatic generation of reports.

Whenever you look at an accounts receivables system report, you will see how much is due to you from your customers. Among the things you can track with the report are:

  • The amount owed to you by your customers
  • Over what time period do your customers owe you money
  • How much money are you owed and by which customer
  • When sales invoices are due

Your company will suffer if you do not know how much your customers or suppliers owe you, so keeping accurate records is essential. Using Sage accounts receivable software, your customers can easily pay you with their preferred currency and Sage keeps an accurate track of invoices and payment due dates.

Your customer’s payment will automatically be added to the account and marked as “paid.” This automatically updates your accounts receivable report thus keeping track of any unpaid invoices.

9. Accounts Payable

Improved visibility of financial information will result from reporting on your aged debtors. Using business automation can save you time.

You can manage the credit terms of your customers and organize your suppliers by setting credit limits, categories, and tags. You can quickly find and calculate short-term debt with this feature. The Sage Business Cloud Accounting software lets you know how much money you owe your suppliers at any time.

Make sure your suppliers are happy by paying them on time. Using Sage’s easy-to-understand reporting, you can easily analyze and track your business spending across multiple companies. 

Sage provides accurate, automated bank feeds to integrate your business transactions directly into your accounting software. With AutoEntry, a purchase invoice can be signed off with ease. 

10. Stock Management

You can manage your inventory with Sage Business Cloud Accounting’s inventory management feature, set minimum resupply levels, get alerts when you’re out of stock, and see reports on your top sellers.

It only takes a few seconds to upload existing products or stock items. You can set the pricing for purchases, sales, trades, or wholesales, and others according to the nature of your company.

You can easily reorder stock at a specified level and quantity, so you don’t lose working capital. To help you determine how much and when you need each product, you can organize them into categories and subcategories.

You can track parts, for instance, by setting up products and calculating their quantities. Or nonstock items for custom jobs, such as materials, can be added to the cart. 

11. Mobile App

The office isn’t the only place where work takes place. When you use the Sage mobile accounting app you can be just as efficient while on the go. You can even view detailed information offline.

Clients and customers can be followed up on quickly and easily. You can easily see any overdue invoices and send a reminder if necessary.

You can track your business’s health in real-time. With mobile access you can update your account on the move with your team. 

Whether you are on-site, on the road, or with a customer, this mobile accounting app provides you with continuous access to your financial information.

You can stay on top of cash flow by identifying which customers owe you the most money and then follow up on it.

Are you meeting a client for dinner? Did you just fill the company car up with gas? Using our mobile app you can photograph receipts and upload them to Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Your Android or iPhone contacts can be easily imported into the app, eliminating errors that can occur when details like telephone numbers, addresses, and contacts are manually entered.

With the mobile app, stock levels can be updated quickly on the fly or in real time, while invoicing can save time and speed up the billing process.

Once a delivery is received, you can take a picture of any supporting material and upload it to Sage Business Cloud Accounting, or you can send the customer a sales invoice with an attachment.

The Sage Business Cloud Accounting mobile app allows you to quickly and easily generate a quote for your client or customer before or during your meeting with them. You can show the cost of a product or service instantly.

12. Invoice Templates

Sending an invoice with basic errors, incomplete information, or unclear layout may appear unprofessional and delay payments. You can either browse the invoice templates and select one that satisfies your needs or sign up for a free trial of Sage Business Cloud Accounting to customize invoices in real time.

Eight professional invoice templates are included in the Sage kit, all customizable within Microsoft Word. All you need to do is download and modify them. The following are available:

  • Construction invoice 
  • Design invoice 
  • Freelance invoice 
  • HVAC and plumbing invoice 
  • Professional invoice 
  • Sales invoice 
  • Simple invoice 
  • Small business invoice 

How Much Is Sage?

Pricing is straightforward with Sage Business Cloud Accounting. One of two pricing options is available for this software. You can choose between Sage Accounting Start and Sage Accounting Standard.

Subscribers to Sage pay a monthly fee that is renewed on the third of every month. 

They accept credit or debit cards for payment, and you won’t find any hidden costs here. They display the total tax and monthly cost before you make your purchase, and with just a few clicks, you can cancel for any reason you like. 

They have a 30-day trial that is free to try out, and you don’t have to provide a credit card or other payment information to get started. 

Sage Accounting Start

The primary tier of Sage is their Accounting Start plan. Business owners just starting out will find Accounting Start useful. Sole proprietors and freelancers often use this version. 

This is accounting software for entry-level users. It’s a perfect solution for microbusinesses and self-employed individuals. 

This plan provides you with fundamental features you need to properly conduct accounting in your business:

  • Send and create invoices
  • Track the money you’re owed
  • Reconcile bank accounts automatically

This plan has a $10 per month charge that can be easily canceled.

Sage Accounting Standard

The upper tier is Sage Accounting Standard. This is a powerful accounting software for small businesses that works in the cloud.

In addition to what Start offers, Accounting Standard offers more advanced reports and features, such as inventory management, quotes, estimates, and additional users. 

It includes all of the features of Sage Accounting Start plus: 

  • Automated snapping and posting of receipts (free for three months)
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • The ability to send estimates and quotes
  • Cash flow projections
  • Purchase invoice management

This plan regularly costs $25 per month but often can be found on sale for as much as 70% off for six months.

Regardless of which plan you choose, this program is a cost-effective online service that provides significant value for its clients.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software Ratings

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Functionality Rating—4.5/5

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a market-leading solution that is used by small businesses and nonprofit organizations. It allows you to streamline your accounting processes quickly and easily with features such as smart record keeping, inventory control, invoice services, and billing capabilities.

The software is designed for use on desktops or mobile devices, so it can be accessed wherever and whenever you need it.

You can easily generate financial reports to keep tabs on your company’s progress as well as export important data for analysis, tax planning, or other purposes.

Those who use Sage Business Cloud Accounting find that their accounting processes are easier and more efficient than ever before. It is not hard to see why this software has a high functionality rating.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Customer Support Rating—4.5/5

Sage provides several ways to get customer support. They offer live chat support from their website, which allows the user to talk in real time with a Sage representative. Additionally, they have a live Q&A webinar support session multiple times a week where users can go online and ask questions.

Sage has a knowledge base that provides helpful articles that answer the majority of typical support questions. It is available 24/7 and has the same content that Sage’s own support team uses.

Other support options include learning through Sage University. This free learning portal provides training through video, text, and demos. It allows you to master the Sage software and become a better user.

Sage has created robust community support in Sage City—a 24/7 location where users and pros can come to get help and interact with others who use Sage products. It is where they post tips, tricks, support articles, etc.

They also have a blog with helpful articles and a strong presence on Twitter.

Overall, the company puts a lot of effort into providing comprehensive support. This ensures the user base will never be without the assistance they need and deserve.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Ease of Use Ratings—4.5/5

For users who are looking for a simple yet effective program, Sage Business Cloud Accounting makes it possible to complete tasks easily and conveniently.

Sage is designed with small businesses in mind, so it has basic features that are more than adequate for any small business’s accounting needs. Its design and user interface provide great ease of use for companies that want something simple and straightforward.

The simple setup process will have you up and running with a powerful accounting system in no time. Even without a strong accounting background, the user interface makes it very easy to become accustomed to the system.

The user experience of Sage is very good, with an interface that provides a clear overview of all your accounting needs. The ease of use with its features gives the software an excellent score in this category.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Value for Money Rating—4.5/5

Sage offers high value in terms of accounting software for small businesses. You will get superior customer service and the program is just about as good as it gets when it comes to accounting tools.

The price is fair, particularly given the unlimited number of users that you can put on the account. Anyone on your team, whether you hire them or they are freelancers, can take advantage of the program.

Flexibility in a small business accounting program is always a good thing. With the apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices, you can access your information from almost anywhere. No matter where you are, you will be able to keep track of your finances, invoice your clients, connect with your bank, and trace your accounts.

The cost of the software is quite reasonable given the features and functionality that you get. You will clearly see the value of this accounting software in your company’s bottom line.

Public Sage Reviews

Sage is a well-known company in the accounting software business and they have developed one of the more popular and widely used programs available on the market today.

I went to TrustPilot, Capterra, and GetApp to see what users are saying about this platform.

TrustPilot Reviews

Sage Business Cloud Accounting has an average TrustPilot review score of 4.6/5 based on an impressive 14,000 reviews. The software has a 93% positivity rating overall, and of the last 20 reviews, the software only had a single negative report.

Many of the reviewers responded to recent customer service inquiries and had excellent things to say about the software and the representatives who assisted them. Sage actively requests that its customers provide reviews on this website, so it comes as no surprise that there has been such a large response.

Sage itself is also very active on TrustPilot, answering 94% of all negative reviews and doing so within two weeks. They also respond to many of their positive reviews, frequently doing so within 24 hours.

This engagement by Sage leads to more than 100 reviews per month coming in, with only 6% of them being at the one-star level. Those negative responses tended to focus on billing complaints, although one reviewer did have trouble with trial balances not balancing.

On the whole, however, TrustPilot concludes that Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a highly recommended company by its reviewers with a quality customer service department.

Capterra Reviews

Capterra reviewers give Sage a 4.1/5 overall rating with sub-ratings of 3.9/5 for ease of use and 3.8/5 for customer service. Recent reviews were in line with the overall ratings from 187 reviewers.

The reviewers commented on how this accounting program was easy to use and understand. Whether you have an accounting background or not, the features were straightforward to implement.

Further, they liked that clients and coworkers could share files, eliminating the need to send multiple invoices via email. The mobile app was also universally praised for its ease of use and how it allows you to track your expenses on the go.

Finally, the reviewers appreciated the reasonable pricing of the cloud-based solution and the free trial period. They felt that they had a good opportunity to explore the features while using Sage and decide whether or not it was worth investing in.

The negative reviews centered on either customer service frustrations or difficulty importing data over from the ‘Sage 50cloud’ desktop program to the cloud-based solution.

Overall, Capterra reviewers felt that this software was a good option for small to medium-sized businesses.

GetApp Reviews

186 GetApp reviewers gave Sage a 4.1/5 overall rating. Further, Sage Business Cloud Accounting received 79% positive reviews, with 83% of reviewers recommending the product.

These reviewers found Sage easy and intuitive, with many positive reviews focusing on how simple it was to get up and running. They appreciated the financial accountability features that made doing taxes much simpler.

The invoicing system was also well received, with many reviewers noting how the system worked seamlessly across a variety of devices.

On the other hand, there were a few complaints about customer service. Some individuals said they did not find the customer service team easy to get in touch with. However, most said that their questions were answered after speaking to a representative and they were satisfied with the service.

In the end, GetApp reviewers felt that Sage Business Cloud Accounting was an excellent program for small businesses and recommended it to others.

Overall Sage Business Cloud Accounting Reviews

Looking at the big picture, Sage Business Cloud Accounting’s cloud-based software is receiving generally positive reviews on the web. It has great ease of use and is quite intuitive, with many features that make running a business easier. Some of these features include integrated accounting, invoicing, and stock management.a

The customer interface is well received, and the user experience is very favorable. It appears that Sage’s clients are happy using the product and would recommend it to others.

The pricing is certainly reasonable, even for a company just starting out, and there are free trials available to try out the program. This means that you have an opportunity to see how the software works before fully committing.

If you are looking for a low-cost but highly capable cloud-based accounting solution with good customer support, Sage Business Cloud Accounting might be a good fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

Sage is a comprehensive integrated business accounting program that helps you grow your company. You’ll get all the tools you need to manage your business from anywhere at any time on a mobile or desktop device with no need for third-party add-ons.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting helps you manage your company from A to Z with features often seen only in more expensive packages. These features include bookkeeping, advanced reporting, inventory management, and more.

Which is the best Sage Business Cloud Accounting package?

Sage Business Cloud Accounting only offers two packages—Starter or Standard. If you are a freelancer, consultant, or just starting out, the Starter tier is probably all you need. As your business becomes more advanced, you may find that the Standard package begins to meet your needs.

Is Sage Business Cloud Accounting legit?

Sage is an enterprise-level software provider that supports millions of active users representing businesses in countries worldwide. They have a large corporate presence, are publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange, and have entered the FTSE 100.

With more than 13,000 employees across 23 countries, there can be no doubt that Sage provides great service value, is legit, and will be around far into the future.

What are some of Sage Business Cloud Accounting’s features?

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a web-based, cloud accounting software with excellent customer support that allows you to effortlessly manage and track your business finances wherever you are.

Using Sage offers several online applications that help you simplify your business accounting, bookkeeping, stock control, and more. Other features include a real-time dashboard, invoicing, accounts management, and reporting.

Sage’s mobile app allows you to stay on top of your business finances wherever you are. If you have an internet connection, you can manage the same features that you can on the desktop, making for a truly seamless experience.

Who should use Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is accounting software that’s ideal for small to medium-sized businesses because of its ease of use, mobile capabilities, and robust invoicing. It is also an excellent option for consultants and freelancers.

Its simple interface makes it user-friendly while still offering the robust features and support you need to succeed. It is very scalable, allowing your company to grow as you do while giving you access to tools that you would expect from more costly software platforms.

Do I need Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a great option for small businesses and start-ups who need an easy-to-use accounting program. With this product, you can track your business cash flow, manage expenses, create forecasts—and even handle invoicing.

You can also access the software from any location with an internet connection. This means you can check on business metrics, create an audit trail, do general ledger entry, or even create and send invoices for customers while you are away from your office, rather than waiting until you return.

With the high value, quality support, and variety of services included with Sage Business Cloud Accounting, it is certainly worth looking into.

Do I need to be technical to use Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is easy to use and helps you run a business at the speed of your imagination. Intuitive and simple to navigate, it helps you improve efficiency and productivity in your business.

You can access all the deliverables—invoices, schedules, etc.—from any device with a web browser or download the free mobile app. So, you can review and manage everything that’s happening on the go.

No great technical expertise is required. If you can operate your smartphone, you can operate Sage Business Cloud Accounting services.

Is there an app for Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

Sage Business Cloud Accounting’s mobile app allows businesses to manage their finances from anywhere and on any device. It provides access to business reports so that you can check payments, invoices, and balances without the need for a desktop computer.

Does Sage Business Cloud Accounting have a refund policy?

Because Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a subscription-based software, you can only return the product by canceling your account. You will not receive a refund for the remaining time on the subscription.

But since Sage has a free trial, you can try it before paying for any software. So, if this is not the right solution for your business, you won’t have lost anything but a few hours of your time. 

Can I try Sage Business Cloud Accounting before signing up to see if I like it better than our current system?

Sage comes with a 30-day free trial allowing you to get a good feel for how it works within your business. If you decide that this software is not right for your business, you can cancel via customer support at any time. If you find that the service will work for your business, you can purchase a Sage Business Cloud Accounting subscription when the trial expires.

Does Sage Business Cloud Accounting work with other software platforms?

Although Sage Business Cloud Accounting does not integrate with as many other software platforms as its competitors, it does work with Stripe. This service ensures you can receive payments from your clients easily and away from the office. Additionally, your invoices are delivered with a “Pay Now” button that allows the customer to remit quickly.

What is Sage Business Cloud Accounting customer support like?

Sage customer support is very helpful and responsive. Their team specializes in resolving any problems you may have with their product. They offer an online knowledge base, courses, video walkthroughs, and forums to discuss tips and tricks. And, of course, they have chat support available to their clients.

But what Sage does that is particularly interesting is hold a daily webinar-format Q&A period in a virtual meeting room where clients can come to have various questions answered by Sage’s support team.

What can I do with Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a web-based application that allows you to manage your business data in real time, wherever you are, from anywhere. 

The feature set includes invoicing capabilities with supplier management and a purchase ledger for controlling your purchasing and inventory. It also features financial tools like reporting, accruals, budgets, and accounts payable.

There is essentially no common accounting function that a small business has to do that Sage will not handle.