Monday Review Review Summary is an all-in-one digital workspac work management software package with an intuitive interface and helpful features. It’s a great tool for professionals who want to increase their productivity by using time more efficiently.

This cloud-based product simplifies the process of juggling multiple projects and people, so you can focus on what’s important—the work. It’s used by many companies like Adobe, Coca-Cola, NBC, Uber, and more. The software package covers everything from project management to workflow tracking, from data visualization to task management, all in one easy-to-use tool. aims to improve the efficiency of teams by providing an easy way for them to work together. You can access the software through any device, so you can always stay connected with your employees no matter where they are. Pros

  • Simplifies decision making by using real-time data
  • Balances demands and tasks according to capacity
  • Provides a single view of all project milestones and dependencies
  • Stores, shares, and manages files across all stakeholders to facilitate collaboration
  • Makes the most of your team’s current tools by connecting them with integrations
  • Easily creates custom automations in minutes
  • Lets you try it before you purchase with free trial Cons

  • Limits file storage on the lower tiers
  • Limits activity logs on the lowest tier
  • Provides no timeline or calendar view for the lowest tier

Who Is For? is for any company that needs help to streamline its work processes and increase productivity without too much time spent learning new software packages. The included management tools bring together an entire team to become a task-accomplishing machine.

It is cloud-based software that’s used by many different types of businesses to organize and simplify their workflow processes in one easy-to-use toolkit. The interface is intuitive, with an excellent help system available at all times. is meant to be highly customizable for a small business or a medium-sized company. It tracks any aspect of the business and manages it in a way that is both intuitive and smart.

You can use the service anywhere you have an internet connection which makes it perfect if your team is not colocated or is always on-the-go.

Who Is NOT For?

If your company has a very specific workflow that is not easily changed, or you need to use multiple, different software tools at the same time and integrate them seamlessly, then might be too restrictive for your needs.

Also, if you’re looking for more of an enterprise-level software with advanced features like custom reports, unlimited storage space, integration with Microsoft Office Suite, and more, then you should be ready to pay extra or may want to look elsewhere.

Finally, can quickly become expensive if you are budget constrained, as you add seats and functionality.

All Things Considered . . . is a powerful and robust software that can help businesses of all sizes grow, automate tasks, and streamline workflows.

More than 100,000 companies worldwide use this “Work OS” to run processes and projects for their teams. Code-free automations release employees from repetitive tasks and connect them in a common workspace.

With hundreds of customizable templates, time tracking capabilities, integrations with essential apps, and powerful dashboards, is a solution that can help businesses run more efficiently, perform better and grow faster.

It’s great software for anyone looking to simplify their team collaboration with the use of powerful online tools rooted in an easy-to-use interface.

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The following information has been gathered to help you learn all about Here is a look at their software.

What Is

Launched in 2014 out of Tel Aviv, Israel, is a team collaboration and workplace management software that aims to improve the efficiency of employees by providing an easy way for them to work together through all devices and locations. 

With this software, you can conduct project management and complete tasks, assign due dates to all your responsibilities, and collaborate with others through’s dashboard interface. 

The platform makes collaboration easier by providing a central location for team members to access files, chat in real time, review assignments, and the like.

What does do? software incorporates six principal features for their customers.


The dashboard function of is an efficient way to discover how your team actually functions. You can track your team’s progress and make sure you don’t miss out on anything that would improve performance.

By building graphs and charts into your dashboards, you can bring data across the enterprise into a single view. Team sharing is available so that everyone can view all the information that is important to your enterprise as well as monitor progress, timelines, and budgets.

The dashboard allows you to assign tasks and share information. You have a bird’s-eye view of what everybody is doing at any time. By tracking and analyzing data trends, you can increase productivity, reduce burnout, and ensure all your decisions are backed by solid data.


Kanban is a workflow enhancer that is easy to set up, configure, and use. Scalable and customizable, it gives you enhanced collaboration with all your stakeholders. It lets you view your team’s capacity and then balance demand with a quick look.

There are times when your employees need to engage in a sprint and the Kanban board makes it simple to see who is working on what and when.

You will be able to look at the board and see the status of each task at a glance, who is assigned to what, when the next step is due, and the current progress. You will also know if anything has been left unattended for too long or whether there’s something that needs extra attention.


The Gantt chart function of allows you to visualize project milestones and dependencies in a simple, intuitive manner.

With this operation, you can see the critical dates for each project, ensuring you never miss a deadline. You can build a Gantt chart from scratch or easily import data from a spreadsheet.

This lets everyone on the team see the context around what they are doing and helps them identify when they need to take action in order to move the project forward.

Files will store, manage, and share files between all of a project’s collaborators. This central sharing eliminates the time needed to send files, thus improving approval cycle times and preventing problems with version control. The ease of use is second to none and using will certainly help your team keep track of its files.

This function comes with a powerful search function that makes it easy for your team to find whatever file they need quickly and accurately. There is no more digging around in shared folders as team members can pull information via tags, time, file type and other search parameters. understands how important security is to a business and so they follow industry-leading standards despite being a web-based tool that users can access from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

It also provides transparency of information as collaborators are able to edit documents simultaneously without fear that one person will overwrite another’s work.


Another key feature when you use is that you can use your favorite existing tools within the program to get things done. The software integrates with more than 40 user-friendly programs to enhance your productivity.

Outlook and Gmail emails instantly become action items.

Files in Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive are immediately viewable and can be shared readily.

Communication via Zoom or Slack is incorporated so all team members can interact live and in context.

LinkedIn, Excel, Zapier, Adobe Creative Cloud, and many other useful functions are conveniently at the user’s fingertips.

Need assistance with CRM? Use the Salesforce, ZenDesk, or Copper integrations.

How about e-commerce? Keep track of your platforms—Shopify, Woocommerce, and Stripe all link to

Marketing? SurveyMonkey, Mailchimp, Facebook ads, and HubSpot are all connected.

Is project management essential? Then wrap in Todoist, Asana, Toggl or Trello.

Moreover, is already configured to work with most modern browsers, which means that there is no need for additional software installations or downloads—it just works.

Automations provides you with the ability to set up automated tasks in mere minutes, improving efficiency by turning human activities into machine-driven actions. Eliminate unnecessary meetings and long email chains by getting rid of repetitive tasks.

There are many ready-made templates available, but the process is code-free and drag-and-drop simple so that anyone can do it in seconds. This lets your team focus on tasks that create impact instead of work that can be done by a computer.

Routine tasks like sending recurring email, updating statuses, creating items, assigning work, or getting notifications are perfect for automations. 

As an additional benefit, using automations eliminates the possibility of human error on your project.

How Much Is has five different pricing plans: Individual, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Although you can choose to get a monthly plan, they offer 18% off when you purchase an annual plan instead of a monthly plan.

The pricing structure is complicated because it’s based on the number of users on the team, with three seats being the minimum offered.

However, software comes with a 14-day free trial for all new clients prior to requiring payment. This allows potential customers to test drive all the features before having to pay.


The Individual plan is free and designed for individuals trying to do work and task management. Limited in nature, this free version provides the following features:

  • Unlimited boards
  • 200+ templates from multiple industries
  • Over 20 column types to build your board
  • Up to two team members on your plan
  • iOS and Android apps


The pricing for the Basic Plan is $17 per month for three seats. In addition to the features found in the free plan, it adds:

  • Unlimited free viewers in addition to the paid seats
  • Unlimited items or rows
  • 5 GB of file storage
  • Prioritized customer support
  • Dashboards based on a single board

This level of service is best for businesses and teams that are just getting started with managing all their work in a single place.

Standard pricing for the Standard Plan is $26 per month for three seats. On top of the Basic Plan’s features, it offers:

  • Timeline & Gantt views
  • Calendar view
  • Guest access for projects without access to the entire site
  • Automations (250 actions per month)
  • Integrations (250 actions per month)
  • Dashboards that combine up to five boards

Standard is a good option for growing teams who need to visualize their work in different ways and collaborate outside the company.


The pricing for the Pro Plan is $39 per month for three seats. Beyond the Standard Plan, you get the following:

  • Private boards accessible only to certain team members
  • Chart and graphs
  • Time tracking
  • Formula column for data calculations
  • Dependency column so one action can only start after another is completed
  • Automations (25,000 actions per month)
  • Integrations (25,000 actions per month)
  • Dashboards that combine up to 10 boards

The Pro Plan is for teams who need to manage complicated workflows and rely on more integrations and automations.


The Enterprise plan’s pricing is negotiated between the client and In addition to the Pro Plan’s features, it has the following features:

  • 250,000 monthly automations & integrations
  • Enterprise-grade security & governance
  • Advanced reporting & analytics
  • Multi-level permissions to give full control of who can access what
  • Tailored onboarding and in-depth training for team members
  • Premium phone support
  • Dashboards that combines up to 50 boards

This plan is for businesses that need enterprise-grade security, control, and support.


Functionality Rating—4.5/5 makes an excellent product and is a leader in the cloud-based project software space. It has applications for teams of all sizes and is one of the most popular cloud-based project management apps on the market.

When you use, you can conduct project management from any device with a browser or use a mobile application that syncs in real time with your team’s tasks, documents, conversations, and schedules. The resource management features includes in their software are exceptional. 

Learning the software is simple due to the well-thought-out design that makes it a breeze to become an expert. Your new team members will be up and running in no time.

Signing up for the service is easy and you can pick from a wide variety of plans to get the specific functionalities your team needs.

Customer Support Rating—4.5/5 offers impeccable support to its customers through a variety of methods.

First, they have a 24/7 live, phone support team who are knowledgeable about all aspects of the product and can answer any question you might have. Because they have so much experience with the software, they can often provide excellent suggestions and advice on how to use it best for your specific business.

Next, has more than 100 articles about the software, how to set it up and how to use it. There are tutorials and walkthroughs to help everyone from new users to those with more experience. All of these tools are available at no cost to customers, so if there is something new you need help with, it’s just one click away.

But what really shows their dedication to customer service is holds daily webinars which guide you through the basics of the program to the more advanced features. You never know what you might learn when attending one of these sessions.

And if you are on the Enterprise Plan, you have your own personalized customer support representative to ensure your success. 

Ease Of Use Rating—4.5/5

One of the greatest strengths of’s software is how intuitive it is. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, so you really don’t need a tutorial to show you how to get around the software. You can begin creating a project immediately after signing up, without prior knowledge of the program.

That being said, as you take on the more complex functionalities, you may want to use their impressive knowledge base to answer your questions. However, when using, you will find that even the higher-end features are easy to learn and use.

The program management software is simple and intuitive because it is so visually based. Looking at the screen, you immediately understand what you need to do. Your employees will be up and running on as soon as you bring them on board.

The team truly did a remarkable job in balancing the functionality of the program with an impressive design factor that helps you get work done and is not just for show.

Value For Money Rating—4.5/5

Let’s be frank, is not the cheapest program management suite on the market. That being said, it still provides ample value because of the features that provide superior functionality, visual appeal, and simple learning curve.

This software tool can manage any program, team, or task with ease. Its automations and integrations improve productivity. And the charts and dashboards cultivate transparency and accountability. offers serious software for serious business.

The customer service is likewise of high value. The company is always available to assist with any question, no matter how small or trivial it may seem. It is refreshing to find a business that takes its relationship with its customers so seriously.

This is not a software program for everyone. You will pay for the quality you receive. But when the quality is as high as that which provides, the pricing is both fair and reasonable.

Public Reviews

There is no doubt that I hold in high regard, yet I was interested in what other people thought.

So I examined reviews on four common websites: TrustPilot, GetApp, Facebook, and TrustRadius. Reading other people’s critiques helped me gain more insight into

TrustPilot has an average review score of 4.5/5 on TrustPilot with 78% five-star ratings out of more than 2,800 total reviews. Another 18% of the reviews were four-star ratings, so has a remarkable 96% positive review rate based on a significant review count.

The focus of these positive reviews was wide ranging. The customer support, the clean and intuitive user interface, and ease of use were frequent items reviewers raved about.

The reviewers generally based their few negative comments on cost. They found that to get the features they were looking for, the price point was out of their reach.

There were a few customer service complaints there as well. However, responded to 83% of those negative comments and appeared to be interested in fixing problems.

GetApp was rated 4.62/5 on with 96% positive reviews out of a total of 2,350. In fact, the project management tool received almost 1,600 five-star ratings. These positive customers appreciated the ease of use, customer support, and rich features of the program.

The negative reviews mostly focused on the price of the product. There were some questions about frequency of updates and complaints about the slowness of their devices as projects got bigger and more complex. However, the company responded to some of those queries and addressed the concerns of customers.

But the project management tool had high marks overall from users and reviewers, with many praising its features and ease of use while acknowledging that it might not suit everyone’s needs and budget perfectly.

Facebook has a visible social media presence on its Facebook page. The comments by consumers were mixed. Some people posted about how much they loved the software, the mobile app, and its ease of use.

However, some people had far less positive feelings about the company and the current advertising campaign that it is engaged in. Some were frustrated with the price and still others were having challenges with customer service and were on Facebook to ask for support.

The company responded to both positive and negative comments. They actively offered to assist those who were having problems.


On this site, the platform has an average review score of 8.6/10 based on over 1,900 total reviews.

There was no common thread amongst the myriad of positive reviews. Everyone liked something different it seemed, but everyone felt that the software improved their teams and small businesses by enhancing communication and automating repetitive tasks. They appreciated the ease of use, support, and effectiveness in managing projects.

The price of the product was off-putting to the few naysayers in the review group. They also had some small technical issues and suggested fixes to the user interface. However, even most of the negative reviews were positively inclined towards the project management software as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a feature-rich, cloud-based project management and collaboration tool that is optimized for managing teams of any size. It’s a simple way to manage projects, tasks, time tracking, reporting, and dashboard visibility across your company from a single mobile device or desktop browser.

Can I use with my existing project management tools?

The software integrates seamlessly with many other favorite business applications, regardless of the platform or system. This feature lets users work on projects the way they want to rather than being forced into a single structure.

What package is right for my company? offers five different pricing plans based on the number of users and features that are required. Because of this, I highly recommend that you speak with their knowledgeable and friendly support staff so that you can find the right one for your company. is a great tool to track projects, tasks and time—but what about reporting?

In addition to tracking these items with ease, also offers detailed reports that allow users to see how their teams are performing on different metrics at any given point in time. With only a few clicks, you can quickly track users and projects and get a report on their outputs.

Is worth the cost? prides itself on having an affordable yet robust product that is scalable and requires minimal training or setup time. Its tools are customizable and allow users to track anything they want with ease and precision without adding many overheads in terms of time or cost.
That being said, depending on the specific feature you need, you may find yourself paying the platform for add-ons you don’t fully use.

What is the customer support like?

The support team at is very experienced and pleasant. They are always very helpful when troubleshooting issues or answering questions about the tool, as well as giving advice on how to best use it for your company’s needs. The knowledge base is an excellent option for times when you simply need a quick answer. With more than 100 feature-driven articles available with a click, it’s unlikely you’ll need to phone for support for the vast majority of your user questions.

Is legit?

In business for more than seven years and now a publicly traded company, is in it for the long haul. The company has a solid reputation for being honest and straightforward with its users. In terms of pricing, the platform offers a free basic plan that is perfect for those who want to dip their toes before they dive in. It’s also great for trying out the product and seeing how it works with your specific needs. The site does not have any hidden fees, contracts, or services that can be upgraded without the user’s awareness. Instead, simply helps users with their projects a little at a time without any hidden fees or steps.

How do I get started? offers a free trial for everyone interested in getting their hands on the software before purchase. The company also provides an extensive set of resources including detailed tutorials and FAQs that make it easy to learn how to operate the system.