Laura, a UX designer at Viget has always wanted the best possible research for her clients. Consequently, she spent a lot of time scheduling user interviews. A lot. Endless rounds of email tag with potential interviewees. Finally one day, after yet another week of interviews scattered all over her calendar like confetti, Laura realized, not unlike her infomercial heroes, “There has to be a better way!”

pow wow was born that day. Laura enlisted a crew of her fellow Vigets to join her quest to make scheduling UX interviews effortless, automated, and customized to fit around her calendar. It was a perfect project for Pointless Corp, Viget's innovation lab for creating tools and fun things for our own satisfaction.

pow wow was a hit, not only with UXers, but professionals from all walks of life! Within Viget we use it all the time; Laura now schedules interviews with ease. We’re thrilled to make everyone’s lives a little easier and appointments a little pleasanter.

Our Team

pow wow is brought to you by a crew of folks from Viget.

  • Laura Sweltz

    CEO, UX, Product Visionary, Financial Advisor

  • Eli Fatsi

    Chief Developer, Realist Officer

  • Doug Avery

    Front End Commander, Admiral of Animations

  • Blair Culbreth

    Art Director, Cuteness Colonel

  • Ben Tinsley

    Front End Ensign, Captain of QA

  • Ryan Foster

    Developer Mercenary

  • Chris Manning

    Front End Calendar Champ, React Reactionary

  • Albert Wavering

    Analytics Ensign, Number Cruncher

  • pow wow

    Border Collie, Herder of Livestock and Schedules

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