The Benefits of PowWow

You’ve got lots of things jockeying for room on your schedule. So how do you manage appointments without upsetting your other commitments––and without turning scheduling into your part-time job? PowWow makes setting up appointments with a multitude of individuals something that’s easy, organized and on your terms.

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Optimize your options.

You’re the one running this thing—why not choose meeting times that work for you? Create appointment slots that sync with your Google Calendar to avoid existing events and protect the time you want to keep free.

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Let the scheduling commence.

Once you’ve decided when you want to meet, send out your calendar via email or share a public link. Invitees can review event details and book appointments; no special accounts or sign-ups needed.

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No more no-shows.

When someone selects an appointment, you’ll both receive confirmation emails. Automatic reminders help prevent the ever-dreaded no-show. And if you need to cancel, PowWow’s still got your back — send an optional custom message to let people know your plans have changed.

PowWow lets you schedule appointments that are:

  • Your calendar

    Centered around your availability

  • Emails sent

    Smoothly disseminated to your invitees

  • Who, Where, and When

    Fully detailed and easily booked

  • Reminders

    and backed up with reminders and fail-safes.

True, you still have to actually run the things—but we had to leave you something to do!


  • If you aren’t using to let your users book their own usability testing sessions, shame on you.

  • Slick! Allow users to schedule themselves into YOUR available user research time slots.

  • Just used for the first time. It lets users schedule their own usability session and is sooooo much easier than doing it manually.